Osborn Model Kits


Here are some comments from customers that have built our kits

Hi Derek

Just finished my Mirror model today and I can’t wait to try it out at the local pond this weekend. I own a real mirror, my father and I built it back in the 70’s and I was amazed how much the model was like the real thing. It was great fun to build and it brought back a lot of memories.



Dear Osborn Model Kits

I received my Miss Canada kit this week and I was amazed with the quality of the mahogany in the kit, I have built other mahogany boat kits and they sure didn’t have the quality your kit has. I look forward to building the model and will send you some pictures of the completed model.



Dear Osborn Model Kits:

I recently purchased your Gentleman’s racer for my son, who is an avid model builder. From the moment he opened the kit and saw the detail and the quality of your kit, he was impressed. He spent every waking moment on the model to get it ready for a regatta at his local model club. He stated that it was easy to build and the directions were straight forward. He is very pleased and proud of the end result. He talks about what kit to build next and visits your site regularly.



Dear Osborn Model Kits:

I have been fortunate to review both Miss Canada and Miss Supertest for the UK based Marine Modelling International Magazine.(available in the USA) These boats are a real pleasure to build and make very good radio controlled models. They are now imprtant members of my extensive fleet of famous fast boats. I am looking forward to building the next Osborne model. Good value and very nice kits.
Ernie Lazenby. UK.