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Trains, Planes, and Boats Welcome to the world of Osborn Model Kits

We at Osborn Model Kits love to play with toys! Thatís what sets us apart from the other guys. We take an idea that we have and make a model of it and after lots of R&D, this usually leads to us making a kit so other people can enjoy building what we have done.

We use the latest C&C Laser technology in manufacture and uses only top quality wood in our kits. Instruction included are fully illustrated step by step. We still feel that a picture is worth a thousand words. At Osborn Models we are model builders too and feel that building you model should be a pleasurable experience and not a frustration. Every effort is used to keep building as simple as possible.

Enjoy looking through the different products that we have on the site. There is bound to be something that will catch your interest! Also keep an eye on our whatís new section as it is updated on a regular bases.

About Placing Orders

All prices are in Canadian Dollars and prices are subject to change. Osborn Model Kits will only ship within North America for online orders due to shipping cost. Please see our ordering policy for other ways to order.

A Note Before Ordering

Osborn Model Kits would like to encourage you to have a look at your local hobby shop for our Model Railroad and Wooden Aviation product lines. Our product is carried in many hobby shops across Canada and the U.S. Ask Your hobby shop Do you carry the Osborn Model Kits? We would like you to use the online ordering as a last resort if the product is not readily available. Support your local hobby shop.

If you are shopping from outside Canada, you can find out the cost of your purchase in your currency at: http://www.xe.com/ucc/





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Wooden Aviation Kits

Unique wooden easy to build models of airplanes with historic significance